Building Services

The effective and reliable operation of building services requires a managed maintenance regime to be in place. The environment which we work within are often taken for granted, however it is vital that building maintenance is undertaken to ensure organisations retain the full value of their building assets. Through Planned Preventative Maintenance, Blue Square can ensure equipment is maintained regularly, extending the life of those assets and minimising the potential of what could be expensive and sometimes catastrophic ‘down time’.

There are many benefits of Blue Square Environmental implementing a Building Maintenance programme; these include:

  • Look To Highlight Potential Cost Savings
  • Ensuring Accountability
  • Extending Operational Effectiveness
  • Ensuring Health & Safety Compliance
  • Developing Improvements

By appointing Blue Square Environmental as your Building Maintenance provider we will:

  • Provide a detailed asset register
  • Ensure statutory compliance
  • Monitor performance
  • Manage expectations of staff
  • Leaving you time to get on with your ‘core business’.